Luminox Land Series

Everyday Gear, The Modern Field Watch

Originating in the 1880's, the field watch gained popularity during the First World War due to soldier's demands for reliable and portable timepieces. Trench fighting required quick, accurate timing so watches had to be small enough to be worn on the wrist. The battlefield environment also created a need for exceptionally water and shock resistant watches, and the Field watch quickly evolved a distinctive style – rugged and utilitarian with virtually no embellishment. For almost a century, the Field Watch has epitomized American heritage style, and its popularity continues to grow.


Over time, the style has been updated and contemporized growing in case size with the trend toward larger watches, and also with the addition of quartz movement reliability with the advent of this technology. Today Field watches come in men's and women's models, with quartz or mechanical movements and many with automatic mechanical movements.


Luminox offers a variety of field models in quartz and automatic rounding out our collection of the ultimate LAND series. Our best-selling pieces are the Atacama Field series which blend the functionality of a modern Swiss Made timepiece with an updated retro look. The ultimate incarnation of the Field watch, it is rugged and reliable, truly iconic in design and a terrific daily wear timepiece, suitable for the field, the office or the boardroom. The Atacamas feature a solid stainless steel case, screw-down crown for added water resistance, and tritium-tubes for continuous illumination.

RECON Series

 Answering the specific needs of these professionals, Luminox created the RECON Series in collaboration with former Swiss Army Military Security NCO Andrea Micheli, an internationally recognized law enforcement and military journalist and shooting instructor. The RECON series meets the requirements of military personnel for analog watches that can also be used as simple and efficient navigation tools on the ground. Luminox has also breathed new life into the very traditional Field watch category. The Atacama Field Series update the vintage-inspired range with even more rugged appeal and functionality.

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